Facial Wipes

Facial Wipes

Xamax has been at the forefront, creating inventive material layers that have resulted in innovative facial wipes from cotton pillows to new exfoliating products. We continue to engineer material layers and processes that provide the inside and outside layer of exciting new products. Our commitment to sustainability ensures that our materials are environmentally friendly. Our commitment to quality manufacturing ensures the materials’ consistent high standards and safety.

Xamax’s 100% Cotton Facial Wipes are Eco-friendly (100% biodegradable), absorbent, luxurious, strong, gentle, pure, soft and low lint. Our variety of materials provide different surface textures, absorbances, and functionality. A benefit of the multi-layered design is its durability while retaining softness.

Xamax’s products are available in a variety of cotton fibers including standard white, organic white, non bleached and natural color. Our products are offered in a smooth pattern free style or various mesh patterns. Additionally, they are available with a heat seal-able surface for combining with other substrates and has a moisture barrier surface.

There are not Xamax branded facial products, yet Xamax (Inside) is a patented core material layer in products found in drug stores, major retailers and spas. We can provide material layers for pre-packaged rounds, folded square pads, pillows or sponges, as well as private label.

Exfoliating Products

Xamax’s Exfoliating Facial Wipes have two distinct surface textures, which reflect the level of exfoliating. They are wrapped around a soft and absorbent cotton core. This multi-layer design creates a durable pad that facilitates gentle cleansing. A benefit of this material is the ability to customize by a textured surface, embossed pattern or softness level.


Xamax’s CottonEase is designed for comfort and functionality. A benefit of being 100% cotton, is it’s good for the skin (non-irritating) and the environment. It is 100% hypo-allergenic, green; i.e. fully degradable and Eco-friendly, yet is also strong, gentle and soft.


Xamax’s Cotton Pillows are premium facial wipes designed to provide spa-like cleansing. A benefit of their fluffy “Pillow” contour is extra softness, gentleness and thickness, making it highly absorbent and soothing for super sensitive skin.